School Data Managed


School Data Managed offers the following services:

  • On site consultancy
  • On site training
  • GDPR training, audit and Data Protection Officer.
  • Ofsted ready preparation
  • Remote access data management
  • Timetable construction
  • Data health checks
  • Professional development for academic and support staff
  • Wraparound support.

School Data Managed will tailor a bespoke package for your school.

School Data Managed

Specialist Areas

School Data Managed can provide your school with effective guidance and support in the following specialist areas:

Pupil Performance, Assessment and Analysis:

  • Raise Online, Ofsted Data Dashboards and Performance Tables
  • School internal Data Dashboards demonstrating current performance and pupil progress for all key subgroups
  • Latest national reforms including Progress 8, Attainment 8 and Life After levels
  • Ofsted ready data, using software packages including SIMS Assessment Manager, Excel, Sisra, 4Matrix and Ready Reckoners.


  • Core, Attendance, Behaviour, Reporting, Personnel, Academic and end of year procedures.


  • Entire examination process including entries, organisation of rooms and invigilators and downloading results
  • Full examination results analysis.

Ofsted Ready:

School Census:

  • Complete school census returns for Primary and Secondary schools.
  • Post 16 School Census returns.

Post 16:

  • Latest reforms in Post 16 funding
  • Census data, including course levels, QAN codes and funding calculations
  • EFA funding statements
  • ALPs, ALIS, Oxford Analyticals and Post 16 Ready Reckoners
  • QRS, PANDA and Post 16 Value Added.

Timetable Construction:

  • Nova T6 in building the Curriculum
  • Options processes, timetabling, SIMs academic structures
  • Wolf Findings on Curriculum design.

New Free Schools and Academies:

  • Setup of databases required to run schools
  • Specialist support.
School Data Managed